1. Stage Exposure

Preschool days are the most important phase for a child’s emotional development; it’s when the child builds his/her confidence and self esteem. It is imperative to give children positive attention, guidance to learn and accept mistakes and help them develop confidence in their abilities as they work towards building self-esteem, confidence, problem-solving skills and social skills.

To help our children excel in life skills, we organize regular co-curricular activities such as presentations, storytelling competition, fancy dress, poem recitation, etc. Annual Day is a crucial platform where our Prideens across branches come together and mesmerize everyone with their confidence and charisma.

Stage exposure bolsters children's creative expression, self-esteem and interpretation skills – all of which can go a long way in empowering them.

2. Letters and Numbers

At Mother’s Pride, children are involved in fun-filled activities to help them recognise various letters and numbers. They also develop vocabulary skills related to letters which contribute to their language. Further, skills like sorting, matching and pairing of numbers are also learnt. Opportunities are created and Prideens are involved in various games and activities to identify, observe and play with numbers throughout the day.

3. Intellectual Development Sessions- Building Towers and Solving Puzzles

At Mother’s Pride, children are engaged in intellectual activities like solving puzzles and building towers to develop memory and observation skills, problem solving, sequencing and seriation. The approach for the same is simple to complex. ID classes serve as a great medium for children to boost their cognitive and gross-motor skills while learning to manipulate the world around them. When children turn, flip, and turn things, they develop hand-eye coordination in an interesting manner. Through ID classes, Prideens are given the opportunity to become creative thinkers and good learners through a range of fun activities.

4. Appreciation Activity- Celebrates the little genius in every child

We strongly believe that no two child are alike and that every child is born unique and talented. Their innate qualities not only make them special but also go a long way in transforming every child into a confident and happy individual. It is extremely important for teachers and parents to identify and nurture the talents of little children, and to continuously applaud them for their innate qualities.
Together with a team of early education experts, curriculum experts, child psychologists, and teachers, we at mother’s Pride zeroed in on 30 inherent qualities and talents in children, which are essential for their overall development. These 30 qualities have then been transformed into a set of 30 certificates - The Prodigies of Mother’s Pride, which celebrates the geniuses in every child. With rich, colourful illustrations and interesting headers, every certificate highlights one important attribute in children.
At the end of every month, class teachers, across all the 85 branches, as a token of appreciation and acknowledgement handover these certificates to every child, making him/her feel special and loved about what he/she is born with. The objective is not to compare children with each other, but appreciate and make every child blossom into a confident and happy individual.


Understanding and using basic concepts help children to learn, read and understand their environment. They also help children become more effective communicators.
At Mother’s Pride, children are taught different concepts such as fruits, vegetables, numbers, descriptions, transports, and so on through a range of highly engaging activities. Concepts also boost observation skills of kids and allow them grasp things quickly and actively. All the activities are planned using an integrated approach, wherein the child is encouraged to recognise and learn attributes, colours and shapes of related items through a single concept. It is a wonderful medium of interactive instruction and is a great source of bringing real learning opportunities to little kids.


With clay, children learn how to mould and create things around them, understand colours and shapes of the objects and give life to their imagination, using something that they can touch, see and feel. To develop fine motor, imaginative and creative skills in kids, we conduct regular clay molding sessions at Mother’s Pride. Children are encouraged to play with clay and create shapes and objects. These sessions also enhances the hand-eye coordination among children.


Art and craft activities are an important part in the child’s overall development. Not only is it a fun activity but also helps in developing a child’s creativity. Children enjoy playing with textures and materials as well as putting together and taking apart objects to create something unique, something new. It provides a new set of skills for self-expression, communication and endless amazement for the children. Craft work enhances their creativity and contributes to the pre-writing skills and the child develops grasping power by holding colours, cutting patterns and drawing shapes.


Circle time is the time when friendship blossoms as children interact, socialize and share their thoughts and experiences with each other. Various activities are designed, creating opportunities for kids to experience the joy of talking and communicating with each other. On a regular day, teacher and children gather together in a circle to create a rich weave of rhymes, games and songs. Developing social, emotional, and personal skills are some of the primary objectives of Circle Time. The activity also fosters problem solving skills, language building and confidence as children are encouraged to express their views freely.


Children have an innate love for stories. They have the power to create magic and a sense of adventure in the classroom. Stories are a great way to teach children about life, about ourselves and others. At Mother’s Pride, storytelling is a unique way for children to develop an understanding about the world around them. It creates interest in children as the character comes to live in front of them and captures their attention and imagination. Children learn about good social habits, traffic rules, sharing, etc. through stories. They also develop language and imaginative skills and as they narrate and listen to stories.


Fun activities help build thinking skills in young minds; they also make learning effective too. With this belief, children are taken out on nature walk to a nearby garden to help them understand and comprehend various concepts about nature.
Walking around the garden, children observe and explore the world around them. It’s a wonderful activity that allows children to experience the treasures of nature while learning to connect with it through a range of activities. Before going to the park/garden, teachers set some ground rules for children which they attentively adhere too.
Overall, it’s a fun-filled activity that stimulates curiosity, instils love for learning and creates a long-lasting connection with the nature.


We strongly believe that children’s curiosity and interests are stimulated when they interact with people, places, communities and the environment around us. Exposing children to newer experiences arouses their curiosity about the world around them. Picnics and excursions are an important part of the learning process at Mother’s Pride. This is the time when our adorable darlings go out and explore the wonders in a fun way. It also gives them the opportunity to develop peer group bonding while learning to behave in a socially acceptable manner. There need not be a special occasion to get your loved ones together; picnics are a great way to spend quality time, creating lasting memories of togetherness.


There is no substitute for creative and imaginative play when it comes to teaching. Every child is born with an imagination. Allowing children to exercise their imagination enhances their creativity and creates better social understanding. This is the strength of children - their ability to pretend and fix problems with their imagination.
Play is how children learn and pretend play is an ideal way to exercise their creativity and imagination. At Mother's Pride, opportunities are created for our Prideens to blend their skills and knowledge together. To create a better understanding of various concepts, Prideens are engaged in pretend play or role plays. Through this activity, they develop love, respect, and appreciation for the world around them. Imaginary plays also allow kids to develop vocabulary, language and social skills while having loads of fun.


Puppets are toys that fascinate children; they connect as friends. It’s also a great way to draw the attention and imagination of preschoolers and offers amazing benefits in a child’s development. At Mother’s Pride, we believe learning is fun and it is with this belief that we encourage puppet play as part of our curriculum. It enhances their interest levels and inculcates various concepts like good habits, sharing, caring, etc. It also helps the kids develop vocabulary, and improve communication and listening skills. By organising puppet plays, we strive to bring stories to life and thus instil valuable skills in kids. Overall, puppet play offers a fun-filled learning experience to our little ones.


Children move naturally. They move to achieve mobility, express a thought or feeling, and because it is joyful.
At Mother’s Pride, we aim to build a foundation for our children, giving a structure to their movements and introduce our Prideens to the world of dance and aerobics. Children get involved in dance and aerobics to boost their body strength, flexibility and confidence. It’s a great way to help young Prideens learn about body coordination and body awareness while spending quality time with their peers. It also infuses a sense of rhythm, flexibility and co-ordination.


Rain dance is an exciting and enthralling activity for children. It’s the time to beat the summer heat and dance and sing under the blue sky. Dressed in swimming costumes dance, our little ones swim and enjoy the time with their friends, making the most of the delightful experience.
Rain Dance activity is special as it helps children develop social skills in the best possible way. Drenched in water with their friends, it’s the perfect way to get relief from the scorching sun and connect with each year. Special arrangements like a fountain and a huge pool area was arranged for them.

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