Parents are partners with us in the overall development of the child. Continuous and effective communication helps in bringing around this holistic development. The following testimonials have been collated from the parents feedback received on the E-mail ID specially created for parents where they mail for their respective concerns / queries etc.

In the short span of a few months; I see my son getting more confident, attentive and keen to learn new things which is reflected in the knowledge base he has been able to acquire. I find Kajal ma’am very conscientious, having a way with tiny tots and imparting good values and discipline in a fun way to them. These habits will go a long way in evolving them into better individuals. She has very actively taken involvement in the learning of the children of her class. . It is indeed very motivating for parents and children to get such encouragement and platforms to be acknowledged for their good performance. Thank you once again for a facilitating good learning by the children through the efforts of such committed teachers.

Priyanka Goel, Mother of Vivaan Goel, Nursery-B (MP Vivek Vihar, 2016-17)

Please allow me to express my sincere thanks to Mother’s Pride for conducting summer classes for kids. Special thanks for conducting cooking classes without fire as kids enjoyed it most and we as parents too. Classes were also well-organized and planned with parents as we were well-informed in advance about the classes. Kids also enjoyed the items prepared in the class. Thank you so much team Mother’s Pride for organizing such a wonderful summer camp.

Anand Sharma and Nitika Gupta, Parents of Mishika Sharma, Pre Nursery-B, (MP Gurgoan-5, 2015-16)

I convey my warm regards to the teachers of Mother’s Pride for showcasing their efforts and support during summer camp. I really appreciate the efforts towards cooking classes. My son, Aakhyaan Verma really enjoyed his classes and liked the chocolate cake recipe the most.

Vandana V. Verma, Mother of Aakhyaan Verma, Nursery A (MP Gurgoan-5, 2015-16)

I am truly blessed to have teachers of Mother’s Pride as mentors of my son, Abhivadya. I can see a lot of improvements in him. He has started speaking clearly, and has become very active and can identify many things. He adores his teachers and is always eager to go to school. Thank you!

Medha Shukla, Mother of Abhivadya Shukla (MP, Indirapuram, 2015-16)

We are extremely grateful to the teachers of Mother’s Pride for bringing such a tremendous change in our son, Anay, the result of which was visible in his performance during the whole year. He has definitely grown to be more creative, disciplined, confident, and also has improved his pronunciation, colouring skills and talking and familiarizing with those around him in the last one year.

Ritu and Prashant Agnihotri, Parents of Anay Agnihotri (MP, Gurgaon DLF, 2015-16)

It was such a great experience for each parent to see their loved ones first time performing on stage. I really appreciate the efforts of class teachers and the entire staff of Mother’s Pride for taking good care of my child. I enjoyed the entire program and the all themes presented by the little children.

Abhishek Solanki & Manisha Solanki, Parents of Lakshyaraj Singh Solanki (MP, Gurgaon, DLF, 2015-16)

We would like to thank the entire teachers and staff of Mother’s Pride for nurturing our child and inculcating confidence in him. We really feel that this school is the best stepping stone for Avi. We are now confident for his future and the credit goes to the hard work and patience showcased by the teachers throughout the year.

Varuna & Pranab, Parents of Avi (MP, PNC, 2015-16)

We would like to express our gratitude to the teachers who have always looked after Abeer. He has definitely grown into a confident, smart and bright kid in the past one year. The attention that he received from the teachers has sparked his interest in various activities. Mother’s Pride has significantly helped him work on his stage presence and perform brilliantly in all competitions. Thank you for bringing out the best in Abeer!

Srishti Narula, Mother of Abeer Narula (MP, Gurgaon DLF, 2015-16)

We would like to appreciate and thank the teachers of Mother’s Pride for putting all the possible efforts in the fancy dress competition. The teachers here are all the time available with a smile on their face. Thanks to all the support staff as well, as it’s not easy to put together a fancy dress competition with so much efficiency and grace.

Neha Phull and Deepak Phull, Parents of Vivaan Phull (MP, Indirapuram, 2015-16)

My child got enrolled at Mother’s Pride 6 months back and I am elated to see him transformed. He has learnt so many things here and has become so active be it sports; reciting poem or storytelling, the school has given all. I would like to thank the teachers of Mother’s Pride for all the efforts. They are Heian’s first teachers and have given their best to teach him. I am a happy parent and would like to thank the school for all the hard work, sincerity and support.

Evita Patnaik, Parent of Heian S Patnaik (MP, Dwarka 6, 2015-16)

"It was our wise decision to send our champ to Mother’s Pride. The teachers are very supportive, well educated and well trained. All of them are great in shaping the future of our child. We now feel that our son's future is in safe hand. Thank you Mother's Pride!"

Nikita & Shailendra Singh Sisodiya (Parents of Abhyudaya Sisodiya, Indirapuram, 2015-16)

"We are the parents of Master Gurdeesh Singh of PNE. We would like to thank the entire Mother’s Pride team for giving good governance, care, great values, academic growth, and also overall personality development to our child. He has gained a lot of confidence during his stay at Mothers Pride. Also, we appreciate the devotion of the teachers for giving him scope for extracurricular activities and interaction with the outside world."

Tanvinder Singh and Mona Singh (Parents of Gurdeesh Singh PN-E, 2015-16)

"I would like to congratulate the management and the staff of Mothers Pride for the huge success of the annual day celebrations. It was a pleasure to see the lovely children showcasing their talents with so much confidence and enthusiasm. We thoroughly enjoyed every bit of the theme presented by the children.
I would also like to thank all the teachers for their involvement at every stage and event of Mother’s Pride. Their attention to detail is evident from the smooth functioning of the school in every aspect. Indeed they bring out the best in every child.
The class teachers of my son have provided unflinching support and care to all the children of the class. They have always been a great guiding force to us and have always encouraged participation and given us confidence in our child even when we were unsure. I would like to thank the teachers for so much love and kindness towards the children always.
Please keep up the good work at Mothers Pride and may your banner keep flying high. "

Priyanka and Anurag Goel, Parents of Vivaan Goel (Vivek Vihar, 2015-16)

"It’s an honour for me to share my experience with Mother’s Pride. The team of Mother’s Pride has always done an excellent job to educate and nourish the life of my son. The teachers always take good care of all the kids."

Akshita Sharma, Mother of Vedant Vashist (Patel Nagar, 2015-16)

"Thank you for such a lovely show. All the kids performed really well. I can see the hard work the whole team has put in to the show. And behind a good team work there is always a good leader... And that's you. Congratulations! Hope you guys always deliver the best like this."

Mansi Gupta, Mother of Myra Gupta (Faridabad, 2015-16)

"Ma'am thanks a lot for all the support and teachings, you supported him not only in studies but all around. Thanks a lot for your endless efforts which make us feel proud today. Atharv loves and respect you a lot."

Hema Lakhra, Mother of Atharv Lakhra (Gurgaon 51, 2015-16)

"It was just an amazing function. You guys really planned it well, you all really innovative. Sayan also enjoyed it and danced in d whole performance. I think he gets really comfortable with you. Thank you so much for taking care of him."

Sayan’s mother (Gurgaon 51, 2015-16)

"My daughter has been trained for perfection. A big thank you to all of you. Choosing Mothers pride has been a great decision for Aarna."

Arna's father (Patel Nagar, 2015-16)

"I would like to appreciate the efforts of the principal and the staff members of Mother’s Pride as it’s because of them I can see a lot of positive changes in my child. The initiative “Coffee with Principal” was wonderful as it gave us an opportunity to share our concerns with the branch head. One more addition is “Week at a Glance” which gives us full information about the events taking place at the school. Looking forward to more initiatives like this."

Parents of Manan (Mother’s Pride, Raj Nagar, 2015-16)

"Mother's Pride has done wonders in bringing about an all round development of my dear 'Rakshit'. My child possesses good grasping power & fine learning skills but all these would have been idle without the commendable effort of Mother's Pride family. Thanks for everything you guys did round the year in sharpening the skills of my child & bringing his talent to the limelight. Today I find him quite confident & presentable like never before!"

Mani Vohra, Mother of Rakshit, Model Town ( 2012-13)

"From day one, Ipsa enjoyed each and every day she spent in school and used to look forward to go to school every day. I really appreciate the way you groomed my child and enhanced her inner abilities to do some extra ordinary tasks which we never expect from Ipsa so early in her life."

Anuj Saini, Mother of Ipsa, Shalimar Bagh (2012-13)

"On behalf of my full family thank you one and all for the good grooming and care you have done for my son. He has turned out to be a good boy with good values inculcated in him. His academics are also taken care of well. We are very happy to see so much of improvement in the past one year. Please do keep your caring hands on him and develop him from all angles i.e. studies and extracurricular activities. Hope to have a great and encouraging association with Presidium."

Bulusu Suma, Mother of Tanmay, Model Town ( 2012-13)

"We appreciate your time spent on him with patience and smile .You have been fantastic teachers and that reflects as the confidence my son has gained."

Nitin & Aparna Sharma, Parents of Arihant, Model Town ( 2012-13)

"This has been the best platform for my child to start his/her interaction with the outside world. This is the best home away from home."

Puja & Tarun Rohatgi, Parents of Arin, Model Town(2012-13)

"Its been a memorable experience being part of your family . Your love and warmth with Nikhil is adorable."

Parents of Nikhil, Shalimar Bagh ( 2012-13)

"From day one, the environment of your school was very caring towards a child who is just entering a new place unknown to him, far away from familiar persons and by making him so much comfortable and happy and eager to go to school every day is a parent's aspiration and we are very thankful for the same; the kind of efforts put in by the teachers "

Sandeep Phogat, Father of Hardik, Gurgaon -5 (2011-12)

"Sending our daughter SAMAIRA FAISAL (PN-C) has been a wonderful experience which no other school could have provided. Every parent dreams of being recognised by his/her child's achievements n Mother's Pride IP branch fulfilled it by taking the best out of Samaira Faisal that led her become MISS MOTHER'S PRIDE along with outstanding student in every activity. IP branch though new carried each n every activity with perfection. Teachers concentrate on each child individually."

Sabica Faisal, Mother of Samaira, Indirapuram (2011-12)

"We never expected that at Mothers Pride our kid will learn the way she has come up, we just assumed that since this is a play school and our kid will just go to school enjoy for few hours and come back. But we observed so many things which just surprise us, never expected such grooming at school. Now we are happy that we choose Mothers Pride."

Pankaj Gupta & Shivani Gupta, Noida-61 ( 2011-12)

"Their overall development, good habits, manner and outstanding performance could not have been possible without your devoted efforts. Your outstanding behaviour and utmost attention are a motivation for other teachers."

Rajeev Dilwari, Father of Abhish & Abhisha (2011-12)

"It's a pleasure to see my son jump out of bed every morning, excited to go to school asking, "Aaj galaxy class hai ke taek-won-do, yoga hai ya ID class…," and so on! "

Amit Sabharwal, Father of Krish Sabharwal, (2011-12)

"We would like to thank the entire staff of NOIDA 61 for all they have done for our child. The school has not only contributed to his academic growth, but to his overall personality development as well. He has gained confidence immensely during his stay in Mother's Pride."

Neeraj Garg, Father of Ansh Garg, Noida-61(2011-12)
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