S. No.  Month Events  
1 April Session Opening Parents Teacher Meeting Read More
Baisakhi Celebration Read More
2 May Mother's Day Celebration Read More
Summer Break  
3 June Baby Show Read More
4 July Re-opening of School  
Eid-ul-Fitar Read More
Class Presentations Read More
Recitation Competition (For Pre-Nur)/ Show and Tell Competition (For Nur & Prep) Read More
5 August Friendship Day Celebration Read More
Independence Day Celebration Read More
Raksha Bandhan Celebration Read More
Janmashtami Celebration  
6 September Teacher's Day Celebration  
Term End Parent Teacher Meeting Read More
Sports Day Races
Parenting Seminar Read More
Picnic and Excursions Read More
7 October Gandhi Jayanti   
Dussehra Celebration  
Autumn Break  
Sports Day Prize Distribution  
Diwali Celebration Read More
8 November Guru Nanak Jayanti Celebration Read More
Children's Day Celebration  
Fancy Dress Competition (For Pre-Nur)/ Story Telling Competition (For Nur & Prep) Read More
9 December  Sub-junior Taekwondo Championship
Baby Show  
Christmas Celebration/Carnival Read More
Winter Break  
10 January Re-opening of School  
Term End Parent Teacher Meeting  
Lohri Celebration  
Republic Day Celebration  
Fashion Show  
11 February Picnic and Excursions Read More
Mother's Pride Annual Fest and Annual Prize Distribution
12 March  Grandparents' Day Read More
Holi Celebration  
Baby Show  
Farewell Party and Parent Teacher Meeting  
* Monthly Birthday Celebration - 4th Friday of every month.
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